Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use these gradients on my site?

Sure! Free for commercial or personal use, no attribution required (although I would love a shout out).

Will Gradient Magic Always be Free?

Yes, and no. The gradients currently on the site now should always be free to use. Eventually I plan on adding premium features.

Do You Create These By Hand?

No, I have a set of tools that help me create them. Eventually some of those tools might be made public, but for now I am still improving them.

Where are the radial gradients?

Good eye! I haven’t done a lot with radial gradients yet, and the short answer is that I just haven’t had time. Hopefully within the next few months - stay tuned!

Where are the gradient patterns?

Like radial gradients, using the background-size parameter to make patterns is another world of possibilities that I want to explore eventually (some great examples here).

What about Conic Gradients?

I’m waiting for browser support to get a little better.

I Have An Idea for a Gradient

I’d love to hear it! Eventually I hope to add a “user submitted” section.